How do I charter a yacht with Sailmarine?

Chartering a yacht with us is easy. You can find our different yachts and destinations right here on our website. Once you have found a destination or yacht that fits your needs, just contact us through the form at the bottom of the page. We’ll get back to you with an offer shortly. Alternatively, you can always call us at +46 8 240 230.

When does the trip have to be paid for?

Payment must be received before the date specified on your booking confirmation. More information about this and our other terms and conditions can be found in out document “Terms and Conditions”:

Download our Terms and Conditions

What happens if a change my mind?

If the yacht charter is cancelled after the final payment has been made, the entire cost will be lost. However, it is possible to transfer the chartering contract to someone else without any additional charge. More information about this can be found in our “Terms and Conditions”.

Download our Terms and Conditions


What equipment do the yachts have?

All our yachts are equipt with the latest tools for navigation and safety. They all meet or exceed the nautical regulations for safety. You can find more information about the yachts equipment on this page:

Yacht Equipment

Can I see pictures of the actual yacht I want to charter?

Unfortunately, we do not currently have any pictures of our actual yachts available. However, we are aware of that this is a popular request. We are working on making this happen as soon as possible.

How does the deposit work?

Before you receive access to the yacht, you will be required to leave a safety deposit. This is to cover any damages to the yacht or loss of equipment. Upon embarkment, you will go through the yacht together with our staff and make sure everything is in order. Any existing scratches or marks are noted, and two copies of the inspection protocol are made. When you return after you charter period, you will inspect the the yacht again together with our staff, and any damages will be deducted from you safety deposit.Any damage to the keel or rudder will result in the forfeit of the entire deposit.

Your trip

When do I get access to the yacht?

We always to get you on your yacht and sailing as quick as possible. However, we are also committed to providing a high quality experience. That means sparkling clean yachts and working equipment. We need to clean and inspect every yacht after the previous guest. For this reason, we cannot promise that you will receive access to your yacht before 16:00. However, should your yacht be ready before this time, you are welcome to board in advance.

How does the check-in and check-out work?

When you arrive at the base, please stop by our marina office. We will start by taking care of the paper work, deposit and giving you an orientation of the marina. After that, our staff will show you to your yacht and help you get settled in. When you are ready, you will inspect the yacht together with our staff and make note of any damages. We’ll make two copies of the protocol and one copy is for you to keep.

When you return the yacht, we will inspect the yacht again. Bring along your copy of the inspection protocol from check-in. Should any damages be discovered, we will deduct the appropriate amount from your deposit. We will also dive on the yacht to check for any damages to the keel or rudder.

Can I get help during the charter period?

Of course! If you need help booking a restaurant or finding a cozy harbor, just give us a call at +46 8 240 230. We’ll be happy to help you.

Our Destinations

Where can I sail with Sailmarine?

You can sail in Gothenburg, Stockholm, Åland and Gotland with Sailmarine. We have our own fleet of top quality yachts in Gothenburg and Stockholm. We also offer some one-way trips between Stockholm and Åland/Gotland/Findland. Give us a call at +46 8 240 230 if you’d like to know more!

Can I sail in an area that is not mentioned here?

Maybe. If you’d like to sail somewhere we haven’t mentioned on the website, just give us a call at +46 8 240 230. We’ll do out best to find a yacht for you.

Do you offer one-way trips?

Yes! We offer one-way trips between Stockholm and Åland/Gotland/Finland.


Why Sailmarine?

Sailmarine is the leading provider of high quality yachts in Stockholm and Gothenburg. Our goal is to offer outstanding service and quality at an affordable price. Our yachts are always of the highest standards and our staff loves sailing just as much as you do. We’ll do our best to ensure you have the best sailing experience possible. For more reasons to choose us:

Why Sailmarine?

Who works at Sailmarine?

An important componened in Sailmarine is the qualified and service-minded staff. We are a group of people with a passion for sailing, dedicated to providing you with the best sailing experience possible.


How do I get to the marina?

Start by booking your flights. You can find flights using our flight search engine. After booking flights, just send us your flight information and we’ll book a transfer for you!

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Can you book a hotel for me?

The easiest is to book your own hotel using our hotel search engine. You can find hotels here:

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