About Sailmarine AB

Our Mission

We are passionate about the archipelago and sailing. Our mission is to enable you to explore the archipelago and provide a fantastic sailing adventure. We provide high quality yachts and world class personal service to ensure the best possible sailing experience.

”Come as guest and leave as friend” describes how we see our mission. We strive after making your experience onboard our yachts as relaxing, fun and easy as possible.


Sailmarine was founded 2002 when only private yachts were available to charter in Stockholm. We believed that the archipelago would continue to grow and wanted to provide a service that enabled more people to experience the fantastic Swedish archipelago.

Our first base was started in Stockholm and a few years later in Gothenburg. Today, we have over 30 yachts in both Stockholm and Gothenburg in easily accessible harbours.

Through the years, we have completed hundreds of coorperate events and sailors from all over the world have experienced our fleet. We are a local company who has had the honor of serving tens of thousands of customers from Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, France, UK, Russia, Polen and many more countries.

The Company

Sailmarine is a company with a strong balance sheet and solid finances. Sailmarine is the only company is the region who is in good standing with all the major insurance companies in Europe who secure payment for yacht charter – i.e. Yacht-Pool and Panthaenius. This is a major benefit for our customers and ensures that your payments are in safe hands.

Sailmarine is your partner all the way from booking to disembarkment. We listen to your feedback afterwords and constantly strive to improve our services. We are honored to have many returning customers every year.


Cooperate Information

Saltsjöbadsvägen 77
131 50 Saltsjö-Duvnäs
Telefon: +46 8 240 230
Fax: +46 8 551 100 20
E-post: [email protected]

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