Kjell Svanström

Business Sailing Conference , 6 yachts under 3 days
Thanks for a great set up and knowlagable skippers. All of our employees were more than satisfied with the experience.

Helena Rovér

Regatta Sailing, 12 days
What a regatta we experienced. Just fantastic! Everyone had a great time and we will certainly be doing this again.

Johan Liljegren

Kick-off Sailing, 8 yachts under 2 days
Your approach with sailing and other activites exceeded our expectations by far. Our employees were extatic after the event. This was a great team building activity which truly prepared our team for an big upcoming project.

Eva-Maria Scharrer

Bareboat Yacht Charter, 2 weeks
My husband and I have charted yachts every summer for the last 10 years. The Bavara 32 from you this past summer was the best yet, and the service first class. We would love to charter the same yacht next year with you.

Mattias Hilgenbrink

Bareboat Yacht Charter, 2 weeks
Great yachts and perfect service. We’ll be back next year and would like an offer on three yachts.

Stefan Andersson

Bareboat Yacht Charter, 1 week
We’ve chartered from Sailmarine for three years in a row, with only positive experiences. Booking is quick, and the check-in process at the base smooth. Your staff knows exactly how to hand over the yacht in a way that leaves you comfortable and without any questions. The fact that you even answer the phone late at night made our experience even better. Will be back the third week of august next year. Do you offer any repeat customer discount?

Michael Jacobson

Yacht Owner, Ally III
Investing in a charter yacht with Sailmarine is the best investment I’ve made – despite me working at one of Swedens largest banks. A better concept than buying a yacht with Sailmarine simply doesn’t exsist. Great staff, high quality yachts and good return from the rental income. The fact that I’m already on my second yacht with Sailmarine since 2007 says it all. I can warmly recommend Sailmarine for anyone looking to invest in a charter yacht.